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Pilates By Gül
Gül Sivrikaya
Hammerstrasse 8
8180 Bülach


Terms & Conditions

1 All prices are per person in CHF.
2 Recognized by health insurance.
3 The training is led by Pilates By Gül within the selected premises/studios.
4 The dates for personal training sessions are always set by mutual agreement and in advance.
5 Appointments for personal training must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the missed lesson will be charged at 100%. In cases without fault in the sense of point 8.
6 Unused training hours of a subscription cannot be refunded.
7 The validity of the subscriptions is 4 or 6 months depending on the chosen subscription.
On holidays the training possibilities will be adjusted.
8 In the event of an interruption to training due to illness/accident, the customer will be granted a time credit, provided that the prevention has lasted for at least seven (7) consecutive days and that proof is provided in the form of a doctor's certificate.
proof is provided in the form of a doctor's certificate. The time credit due to illness/accident is granted for the duration of the illness/convalescence, for a maximum of 6 months. A monetary refund of a time credit is expressly excluded.
9 Within the premises as well as selected studios of Pilates By Gül there is no liability for the loss of personal effects or valuables.
10 It is the duty of the training management to report any health restrictions that have not already been noted in the health sheet at the conclusion of the first subscription. No liability will be accepted for consequential training damage due to unreported health restrictions. Health restrictions will be added to the health sheet with reservation after discussion of individual cases.
health sheet and signed by the customer!
11 The conclusion of an accident insurance is the responsibility of the customer.
12 With the signature the agreement to this agreement is expressly explained.
It is further confirmed that all information has been truthfully filled in and that a duplicate of the contract has been handed over.
13 The above agreed amount is due and payable in full in 5 days after signing. In case of late payment, the contract can be terminated unilaterally by Gül Sivrikaya after written notification.
Possible is cash payment, Twint and EC cards.
14 Exclusive jurisdiction for this agreement is Bülach, Swiss law is applicable.
15 All prices are subject to change at any time without obligation notice.

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