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I am Gül, your personal Trainer.

Through Pilates and Yoga I have found my health and my center again and through this my mission was born.

I would like to share this passion with you in my classes.

Hello! My name is Gül Sivrikaya.

I worked in the travel industry for many years and have therefore traveled a lot and discovered various interesting destinations and travel destinations.

Regular exercise has always been important to me.

After my two pregnancies, I was mainly accompanied by neck and back pain.

Through this, I had to find something that will strengthen me mentally and physically.

This is how I discovered my great passion for Pilates, which has accompanied and supported me for several years. Neck and back pain are now a thing of the past.

My new journey with over 450 hours of Pilates teacher training has thus begun. Later, I also discovered the joy for yoga and subsequently also completed my YA-200h training.

Through Pilates and Yoga I found my health and my center again and through this my mission was born. I would like to pass on this passion in my classes.

Since 2016 I have been passing on my experience to my participants with great motivation and joy Pilates with the visceral method according to PILATESwiss, in order to be able to strengthen you physically as well as mentally after each lesson and send you home with a smiling face!

Certified Pilates- and Yoga teacher


31.10.2018 Diplom YA 200h Yoga Teacher Training – PILATESwiss

20.11.2020 Diplom 450h Comprehensive PILATES Teacher Training - PILATESwiss

24.09.2016 Pilates Mat Class Basic – PILATESwiss
29.10.2016 Pilates Mat Class Expert – PILATESwiss
10.06.2018 Pilates Rückbildung – PILATESwiss
26.01.2020 Pilates & Yoga Flying – PILATESwiss
02.02.2020 Pilates Barrels – PILATESwiss
21.06.2020 Pilates Chair – PILATESwiss
06.09.2020 Pilates Cadillac – PILATESwiss
26.09.2020 Pilates Reformer on the Mat - PILATESwiss
07.11.2020 Pilates Reformer & Prüfung – PILATESwiss
06.11.2021 Pilates Barre Fusion – PILATESwiss

11.04.2021 Barre concept® Basic IFFAA Academy

14.01.2017 Standing Pilates – SAFS AG Zürich
02.04.2017 Pilates Kleingeräte – SAFS AG Zürich
27.08.2017 Pilates Day – SAFS AG Zürich
22.10.2017 Pilates Senioren – SAFS AG Zürich
12.11.2017 Pilates Do’s Don’ts – SAFS AG Zürich
01.12.2017 Bittersüsse Zuckerfakten – SAFS AG Zürich
30.08.2020 Body & Mind Day – SAFS AG Zürich
11.09.2020 Faszientraining als Präventions und Rehabilitationstraining – SAFS AG Zürich
13.12.2020 Back Gym: Warm up, Mobilisation, Stretching – SAFS AG Zürich

20.10.2023 SAFS AG Zürich, Nutrition coach 




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